Acapela®:  Application Timing for Corn

Protect Against Foliar Diseases

Protection against disease can lead to improved standability and optimized crop yield. Diseases in corn such as Northern corn leaf blight can significantly reduce corn yield.

Apply as a preventative treatment at the VT-R3 stage

  • Apply Acapela® as a preventative treatment for foliar diseases.
  • For optimal disease control, apply at full tassel (VT) to milk stage (R3) corn.
  • Apply Acapela® at the 0.24 L/ac rate (40 acres/jug).
  • Do not use a surfactant.
Acapela® Corn Staging

With Acapela® you also get:

  • Superior performance and uptake.
  • Flexibility to use on a variety of crops including wheat, corn, soybeans and dry edible beans.
  • Reliable and powerful protection under a variety of conditions.
  • Broad-spectrum disease control.
  • Preventative and residual activity.

With its excellent plant protection, superior rainfastness and one-of-a-kind flexibility, Acapela® takes one of the toughest jobs in crop production and makes it simple.  This season, get a disease protection solution you can trust. Get Acapela®.

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