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DuPont™ Guardian® Early Purchase Program is Back for 2012-13

Guardian® brand herbicides

Make a great start on your 2013 soybean profits by getting your two best friends Guardian® and Guardian® Plus herbicides on board early.

Under the DuPont™ Guardian® Early Purchase Program, growers in Ontario and Quebec can save from $3 to $5 per acre instantly on Guardian® brand herbicides between November 15, 2012 and February 14, 2013.

Guardian® brand herbicides help control tough weeds that glyphosate alone can’t handle – getting your soybeans off to a clean, weed-free start.  Visit the Guardian® herbicide or Guardian® Plus pre-emergent herbicide website for more information.

Visit your local retailer, contact your local representative or call the DuPont™ FarmCare® Support Centre at 1-800-667-3925 to learn more about the Guardian® Early Purchase Program.

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