Managing Your Workload

A pre-plant or pre-emerge herbicide program in IP soybeans can help reduce your risk of missing your in-crop application should the weather turn ugly.

Producer Spreads Spray Timing Risk

Spring is such a busy time on any farm. It’s a constant balancing act between controlling yield-robbing weeds early and getting around to every field that requires your attention.  That’s where having a pre-plant or pre-emerge program with enough residual control to carry you through the busiest spray time really pays off. 

Harm Kelly, who farms near Dunnville, Ontario, has found a program that does just that. “We had been doing one application of a post-emergent conventional herbicide in our IP beans but we like to spread our risk by having some fields sprayed with a pre-plant herbicide program,” he says.

Sometimes One Spray is Enough

Choose the right product at the right timing and environmental conditions could co-operate so that you’re done spraying for weeds after one pass.

“On the fields where we used it, Guardian® Plus II was often the only thing we needed to spray,” says Kelly.
Guardian® Plus II can be used as a pre-plant burndown up to 30 days before planting or pre-emergence up to three days after planting.

Knockdown and Enhanced Residual Control From Guardian® Plus II

Guardian® Plus II provides knockdown and enhanced residual control of many broadleaf weeds along with good grass activity. Residual control is especially strong on small-seeded broadleaf weeds.

That includes control of Eastern black nightshade, hairy nightshade, green pigweed, dandelion, redroot pigweed, common ragweed and lamb’s-quarters, and suppression of green foxtail and yellow nutsedge.

Guardian® Plus II has three active ingredients. Flumioxazin provides control of troublesome weeds, resistance management and adds grass control. Chlorimuron ethyl contributes knockdown and residual control of annual and perennial broadleaf weeds, and suppression of annual grasses. Glyphosate adds broad-spectrum weed control in burndown.

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