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Canopy™ PRO Herbicide

Canopy™ PRO: Early-Season Weed Control For Soybeans

Thanks to new DuPont™ Canopy™ PRO herbicide, early-season weed control in GT and IP soybeans just got easier.

Canopy™ PRO is a new herbicide solution that combines DuPont™ Classic® (chlorimuron-ethyl) and a 75% DF metribuzin. Together, this combination delivers powerful burndown and residual action on dozens of early-emerging broadleaf weeds and 9 annual grasses. As part of a burndown with glyphosate, Canopy™ PRO even handles hard-to-kill weeds like annual sow thistle, prickly lettuce and yellow nutsedge.

Canopy™ PRO can be used pre-plant or pre-emergence in a variety of tillage situations including no-till, conservation tillage or conventional tillage for early-season weed control.

Canopy™ PRO is an excellent stewardship choice for growers who want to introduce multiple modes of action into their weed management program. Because Canopy™ PRO has two modes of action (Group 2 and Group 5), it’s a practical, effective tool to help delay and manage weed resistance.

Canopy™ PRO is also a solid agronomic choice because it will reduce weed populations through the critical 1st to 3rd trifoliate stages of growth. This will provide increased flexibility of in-crop herbicide timing. Field treated with Canopy™ PRO will have less competition early in the season leading to optimized yields at harvest.


  • Save Big in Soybeans

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