Engarde® Herbicide

Engarde®: New Corn Herbicide for Broad-Spectrum Early-Season Weed Control

You know that controlling early-season weed competition is vital to meeting the yield potential of your corn. Good news: DuPont™ Engarde® corn herbicide now has you covered all the way to the 2-leaf stage.

New! Homogeneous blend technology to deliver a convenient all-in-one dry formulation. Everything in one 40 acre jug.

Get Twice the Protection for Your Corn With New DuPont™ Engarde®

Engarde® is a new corn herbicide from DuPont that delivers two modes of action to control a broad spectrum of weeds early in the season.

It controls tough broadleaf and grass weeds with knockdown and residual action, from pre-emergence up to the 2-leaf stage of corn. Engarde® is suited for conventional, minimum or no-till corn production with conventional and herbicide-tolerant hybrids.

Weeds controlled by Engarde®

Broadleaf weeds: common ragweed (suppression), lamb’s-quarters, redroot pigweed (including triazine resistant), velvetleaf and wild mustard.

Grass weeds: barnyard grass, fall panicum, green foxtail, old witch grass and quackgrass. Suppression of, large (hairy) crabgrass and yellow foxtail.

Two application options

Two-pass Program for GT Corn

Apply Engarde® alone as an early set-up weed control program, followed by an in-crop glyphosate application.

One-pass Program for Conventional or GT Corn

Engarde® tank-mixed with a PRE grass herbicide can be applied from pre-emergence up to the 2-leaf stage of corn.

Application guidelines

  • for use on hybrid field corn only – conventional or herbicide-tolerant hybrids
  • apply pre-emergence through to the 2-leaf stage of growth
  • for additional residual weed control, tank-mix with a registered soil-applied grass herbicide
  • for control of emerged weeds, add a non-ionic surfactant at 2 L/1000 L of spray solution (0.2% v/v)
  • when tank-mixed with a glyphosate herbicide containing a built-in adjuvant system, a non-ionic surfactant is not required

Product Information


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