Freestyle® Herbicide

Freestyle® for Soybeans: Power and Flexibility for Early-Season Weed Control

Tough weeds in your soybeans? Show them who’s boss, with new DuPont™ Freestyle® herbicide: powerful, flexible early-season weed control for any soybean production system.

DuPont™ Freestyle® herbicide makes early-season weed control in soybeans simple and effective. It provides enhanced residual control of grass and broadleaf weeds, even many of the most troublesome weeds, including Eastern black nightshade.

Tank-mixing Freestyle® with your choice of glyphosate will deliver all the benefits you expect with Guardian® with added control of key weeds, including nightshade.

Freestyle® fits any soybean production system and allows you to manage based on what’s best for you and your crop. After all, you’re the boss.

In IP soybeans, Freestyle® brings the added power of imazethapyr, which is highly effective on nightshade.

In GT soybeans, Freestyle® helps you time your in-crop glyphosate application for maximum effectiveness. By keeping your crop clean during the pre–3rd trifoliate stages, there’s no rush to spray your in-crop glyphosate application.

Broad-spectrum, Residual Season-long Weed Control

Freestyle® delivers broad-spectrum control of key annual grass and broadleaf weeds, including hard-to-kill weeds such as dandelion and late-germinating weeds like Eastern black nightshade.

A Long-term Approach to Weed Resistance in GT Soybeans

Glyphosate-resistant weeds are a reality today, with several species already confirmed. By contributing a second mode of action to your glyphosate-tolerant soybean production system, Freestyle® helps you manage your crop for today and for the future.

Weeds Controlled

Broadleaf weeds. Dandelion, lamb’s-quarters, redroot pigweed, smartweed, lady’s-thumb, wild mustard, velvetleaf, common ragweed, wild buckwheat, Eastern black nightshade, cocklebur1.

Annual grasses. Green foxtail, yellow foxtail, barnyard grass, old witchgrass, proso millet.

Additional hard-to-kill weeds2. Annual sow thistle, prickly lettuce, yellow nutsedge3.

Application Guidelines

For a pre-plant burndown application, apply Freestyle® up to 30 days before planting with any glyphosate for burndown and residual control.

For a pre-emergence application, apply Freestyle® up to 30 days before planting in conventional, reduced tillage or no-till soybeans.

1 Large-seeded weeds such as cocklebur, germinating deep in the soil, may not be fully controlled
2 Pre-plant burndown applications when tank-mixed with glyphosate
3 Suppression



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