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Galaxy® II Herbicide

Provides Glyphosate-tolerant Corn Growers With a Solution

DuPont™ Galaxy® II herbicide provides glyphosate-tolerant corn growers with a solution to help overcome some of the most significant weed challenges they face.

Give your glyphosate a boost:

Galaxy® II combines the benefits of glyphosate with the advantages of extra activity on key grassy weeds.

Broad range of grassy weeds:

Galaxy® II herbicide gets all the weeds that glyphosate controls, with outstanding control of key grassy weeds, including barnyard grass, fall panicum, green foxtail, long-spined sandbur, old witchgrass, proso millet, quackgrass (3-leaf to 6-leaf), redroot pigweed (2-leaf to 6-leaf) (including atrazine-resistant biotypes) and yellow foxtail (suppression).

Helps protect against resistance:

Galaxy® II has two modes of action (Group 2 and Group 9) to help protect against weed resistance and shifts in weed populations.


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