Guardian® MAX Herbicide

For Burndown, Pre-Plant, Pre-Emergence or Post-emergence (Glyphosate tolerant only)

New Guardian® MAX soybean herbicide delivers early, residual control of hard-to-kill weeds, including tough perennials like dandelion, with a powerful, high-load formulation.

For years now, growers have depended on Guardian® soybean herbicides to protect their valuable crops from hard-to-kill weeds.

Today, with the launch of new Guardian® MAX soybean herbicide, your trusted friend has some new tricks.


Guardian® MAX delivers early, residual control of hard-to-kill weeds, including dandelion, nutsedge1 and wild carrot1. Its broad-spectrum activity allows you to keep a clean field during the critical weed-free period, while managing resistance and guarding against weed shifts.


Guardian® MAX can be applied as a burndown for any type of soybean including IP and conventional or in-crop on GT soybeans including Roundup Ready 2 Xtend™, and is compatible with DuPont™ FeXapan™ Plus VaporGrip™ Technology.


Guardian® MAX comes with a high-load K-salt glyphosate formulation. That means you can treat 50% more acres with a 30 acre case or a 600 acre Guardian® MAX MEGA tote.

1 Suppression


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