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Guardian® Plus MEGA™ Herbicide

Eliminate early-season weed competition with DuPont™ Guardian® Plus pre-emergent herbicide.

Guardian® Plus delivers knockdown and enhanced residual activity on the toughest broadleaf weeds in soybeans.

Enhanced control of tough weeds: Highly effective for pre-emergent burndown in IP, conventional and glyphosate-tolerant soybeans, you’ll get all the weeds that glyphosate controls, plus Eastern black nightshade, herbicide-resistant (Group 2 and triazine) pigweeds (green and redroot) and lamb’s-quarters, dandelion, annual sow thistle, hairy nightshade, prickly lettuce, ragweed and velvetleaf. You’ll also get enhanced suppression of yellow nutsedge, green foxtail, volunteer adzuki beans and wild carrot.

Excellent tool for resistance management: Guardian® Plus delivers three groups of chemistry (Group 2, Group 9 and Group 14), packaged in a convenient 400-acre tote.


  • Managing Your Workload

    A pre-plant or pre-emergent herbicide program in IP soybeans can help you manage your workload and save you money. Having enough residual to carry you through the busy spring season lets you control yield-robbing weeds early. And sometimes, one spray can be enough. Hear one grower’s experience.

  • Save Big in Soybeans

    Early-season weed control is an important part of maximizing your soybeans’ yield potential, and once you build that potential, you need to protect it. DuPont’s all-start lineup of herbicides and Acapela® fungicide will help set you up for success in 2015 and protect you through to harvest. Plus, you can instantly save $3 to $6 with the DuPont Soybean Head Start Program.

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