Lumivia® Insecticide Seed Treatment

Protect Your Success with the New Standard in Corn Seed Treatment

DuPont™ Lumivia® insecticide seed treatment helps corn growers maximize their seed investment with broad-spectrum protection against key early season insect pests.

Protects Against Key Early Season Corn Insect Pests

Lumivia® protects against early-season, below-ground insect pests like wireworms and seed corn maggots*. It also protects the crop against insect pests that feed on the foliage, such as cutworms. With this corn seed treatment protection in place, growers can more easily achieve a uniform, healthy stand. This will reward them with more bushels at the end of the season.

Delivers Excellent Seedling Protection

Growers can feel confident that they will see the same vigour and uniformity as current standard corn seed treatments when choosing Lumivia®.

Simplifies Your Corn Seed Treatment Decision

Lumivia® is the first insecticide seed treatment that contains a Group 28, anthranilic diamide insecticide that will deliver significant value to growers and reps by simplifying their seed protection decisions.

Offers a Favourable Environmental Profile

Lumivia® has minimal impact on beneficial insects and pollinators at the label rate1. As such, it’s a great fit for a corn grower’s Integrated Pest Management strategy.


1In line with Integrated Pest Management and Good Agricultural Practices, insecticide applications should be made when pollinators are not foraging to avoid unnecessary exposure.

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