Crop Protection for Blueberries From Weeds, Insects and Disease

New and innovative solutions for weeds, diseases and insect pests for lowbush or highbush blueberries.

Whether it’s lowbush or highbush blueberries, growers can count on DuPont Crop Protection to provide new and innovative solutions for weeds, diseases and insect pests, so they can deliver high-quality fruit at home and around the world.

DuPont™ Fontelis® fungicide is key to building the flexible, broad-spectrum disease management program growers need to protect their blueberries. With its group 7 formulation, Fontelis® provides residual and preventative control of key disease like mummy berry.1

With a tank-mix of Ultim® and hexazinone, growers get broad spectrum control of both grass and broadleaf weeds, including hard-to-kill perennial and woody species. Both products provide contact and residual control of this wide array of weedy pests. 

1 Suppression

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