Powdery Mildew Affects all Parts of the Plant Above the Ground

When it comes to disease protection in apples, powdery mildew is top of mind with many growers. To safeguard their high-value crop against yield loss and the threat of quality downgrading, growers are embracing new DuPont™ Fontelis® fungicide.

Powdery mildew can devastate yield and quality

One of the key challenges of powdery mildew is that it attacks all above-ground parts of the plant: green shoots, leaves, flowers and fruit. Its first symptoms appear in the first few days after buds open in the spring. If conditions are favorable – that is, hot and humid – powdery mildew then spreads to leaves and blossoms. Over the course of the growing season, powdery mildew reduces vigor, productivity and winter-hardiness. When powdery mildew takes hold during flowering, it can cause a complete failure of fruit-set or quality-lowering russeting.

What’s the best defense against powdery mildew? One is cultivar selection. Cultivars can range from very susceptible to slightly susceptible, with only Liberty scab-resistant varieties known to be resistant to powdery mildew.

Regular orchard inspections should alert growers to the presence or potential of powdery mildew. In terms of disease protection through fungicide application, spraying early in the season is essential.

Protect your crop with a new fungicide

With the registration of Fontelis®, apple growers have a potent new line of defense against powdery mildew.  Fontelis® is the next-generation Group 7 fungicide for pome fruits that also controls scab and cedar apple rusts.

Fontelis® delivers balanced residual, preventative and post-infection activity, along with translaminar and locally systemic protection. The compound also achieves good redistribution, to protect both treated and untreated parts of the plant.

Make a fresh start on disease management with Fontelis®.

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