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Pronone® Herbicide

Pronone®, a Group-5 Herbicide, is the Ultimate Weed Control Solution for Lowbush Blueberries

With DuPont™ Pronone® herbicide, blueberry growers have the best tool for their most frequent weed control challenges. It controls 22 different weeds in lowbush blueberries.

At the 5.6 kg/ac to 8 kg/ac (14 kg/ha to 20 hg/ha) rate, DuPont™ Pronone® controls: aster, black medick, blue grass, boreal panic-grass, cinquefoil, colonial bent grass, fireweed, goldenrod, hardhack, hawkweed, lamb-kill, ox-eye daisy, pearly everlasting, poplar, poverty oat grass, sheep fescue, timothy, trailing blackberry, wild red raspberry, wild strawberry, yarrow and yellow rattle. Apply the lower rate to light soils and the higher rate to heavier soils.

Apply Pronone® pre-emergent in the spring after pruning (burning or mowing), but before blueberries emerge.

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