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Velpar® Herbicide

Controls a Variety of Hard-to-kill Weeds

DuPont™ Velpar® herbicide controls a variety of hard-to-kill weeds in lowbush and highbush blueberries and seed alfalfa.

Proven broadleaf control in blueberries: Velpar® controls a wide variety of important weeds in lowbush and highbush (British Columbia only) blueberries. These include aster, black medick, blue grass, cinquefoil, colonial bent grass, fireweed, goldenrod, hardhack, hawkweed, lamb-kill, northern panicgrass, ox-eye daisy, pearly everlasting, poplar, poverty oat grass, sheep fescue, timothy, trailing blackberry, wild red raspberry, yarrow and yellow rattle.

Velpar® is applied on lowbush blueberries in the spring after pruning (burning or mowing), but before blueberries emerge.  See the product label for more information on window of application, which varies by geography and type of blueberry.

Broad range of weeds in seed alfalfa: Velpar® controls dandelion, narrow-leaved hawk’s-beard, quackgrass, scentless chamomile and sow-thistle in seed alfalfa. It should be applied either in late fall prior to freeze-up or in early spring when alfalfa is dormant. Apply only on alfalfa that has been established for 18 months or longer. If burning or irrigation is to be carried out, apply Velpar® after these other treatments.

For other applications, refer to the label for specific use guidelines.

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