Acapela® Fungicide: Like Music to Your Pulse Crops

Acapela® fungicide for pulse crops.

DuPont™ Acapela® fungicide provides a potent combination of performance and flexibility, giving growers a versatile tool to achieve maximum health, yield and profit for their pulse crops.

As an advanced strobilurin fungicide, Acapela® moves across, into and around the leaf to deliver strong preventative, residual and post-infection activity. With best-in-class movement properties, Acapela® protects both existing leaf tissue and new growth. For growers, that means reliable broad-spectrum protection against key diseases under a variety of field conditions.

Acapela® controls mycosphaerella pinodes (in peas), mycosphaerella blight and Asian soybean rust and suppresses sclerotinia rot or white mould. Only Acapela® offers this level of protection against white mould in pulse crops.

For control of mycosphaerella pinodes (in peas), mycosphaerella blight and Asian soybean rust, begin applications of Acapela® at a rate of 0.24L/acre to 0.35L/acre, before disease development. Continue on a 7-day to 14-day interval. Under heavy disease pressure, use the higher rate and apply at a shorter interval.

For suppression of sclerotinia rot (white mould), make an initial preventative application at 0.35L/acre at beginning bloom.  Make a second application 7 to 10 days later at full bloom.

Acapela® is registered for a wide variety of pulse crops. These include: adzuki bean, black-eyed pea, broad bean (dry), catjang, chickpea, cowpea, Crowder pea, field bean, field pea, grain lupin, guar, kidney bean, lentil, lima bean, moth bean, mung bean, navy bean, pigeon pea, pinto bean, rice bean, southern pea, sweet lupin, tepary bean, urd bean and white lupin. 

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