Gain Control of Foxtail Barley with DuPont™ Assure® II

Control Foxtail Barley in canola, pulses and flax with DuPont™ Assure® II.

Foxtail barley is a shallow-rooted plant, which makes it relatively easy to control with fall or spring tillage. But as the number of acres in minimum-till has increased, so has the frequency of foxtail barley.

It is tolerant to salinity and spring flooding and thrives in areas where the crop is a poor competitor.

Prolific Seed Producer

Foxtail barley is a prolific seed producer. Seed is carried by the wind so they can move both within fields and to neighbouring land. Its seeds germinate near the soil surface in the fall or spring. Once established they act like dandelions, sending nutrients down to the root system in the fall. But they do this earlier in the fall than other weeds, often before many crops are mature. That means you can’t rely on a post-harvest burndown application alone.

No In-crop Foxtail Barley Control in Wheat

There is no way to control foxtail barley in wheat. Producers should plan on cleaning up their fields in canola, flax and pulses instead.  

Gain Control of Foxtail Barley in Canola, Flax and Pulses

DuPont™ Assure® II is an excellent in-crop solution for canola, flax, and pulse crops. Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (AAFC) research from Lethbridge showed that Assure® provided 99 per cent control of foxtail barley in flax. That allows growers to seed into cleaner fields when wheat comes up in the rotation.

Weed researchers such as Ken Sapsford of the University of Saskatchewan say that Assure® II is an excellent way to control foxtail barley. “From what I’ve seen and tested, Assure® II is one of the most effective post-emergence herbicides for control of foxtail barley,” says Sapsford.

Getting control of foxtail barley is usually a multi-year process to decrease the seed bank, including fall and pre-seed applications of glyphosate and in-crop applications of Assure® II.

Foxtail barley control was recently added to the Assure® II label at a rate of 0.5 L/ha. The AAFC research shows 99 per cent control at the three- to four-leaf stage of the weed and 97 per cent at the one- to three-tiller stage in flax.  Assure® II also controls volunteer wheat and barley and has excellent wild oat and green foxtail control. It has outstanding crop safety and a wide window of application. It’s also registered for aerial application.

Assure® II is registered for use in canola, camelina, chickpeas, creeping red fescue (for seed production), dry common beans, flax, industrial hemp (fibre production only), lentils, peas (field and processing), seed alfalfa, seedling legumes (seed production), soybeans, snap beans and sugar beets.

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