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Disease Like Ascochyta Blight Can Wipe Out Chickpea Yield

For chickpea growers in Western Canada, ascochyta blight is a severe, potentially devastating disease. Left unchecked, it can virtually wipe out crop yields.

Ascochyta, caused by the Ascochyta rabiei fungus, is especially challenging because it shows up everywhere: on all parts of the plant, at any time after the crop emerges, subject to favorable conditions.

Challenging disease robs yield

Those conditions include wet environments in the temperature range between 15°C and 25°C (59°F and 77°F). Hot, dry conditions can temporarily stop ascochyta, but the disease can reignite if favorable conditions return. Thus, growers may experience several cycles of ascochyta infection during the course of a growing season.

The best way to manage ascochyta is through an integrated approach that includes several management steps. One, select a chickpea variety that is considered less susceptible to the disease. Two, observe a recommended crop rotation. Three, plant disease-free Certified seed, or if using bin-run seed, have it tested for ascochyta and use a seed treatment if necessary. When applying a preventative fungicide, the application should be made before flowering and before disease develops.

New fungicide to manage disease in chickpeas

With the 2012 registration of DuPont™ Vertisan® fungicide, chickpea growers have a new and powerful solution for the management of ascochyta. Vertisan® is a potent fungicide that delivers a highly effective compound called penthiopyrad for preventive, residual and post-infection activity. It also has the ability to move into the plant and travel across the leaf surface in search of disease.

Vertisan® is a powerful step forward in the management of ascochyta in chickpeas, helping you achieve better disease control and higher yields.

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