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Vertisan®: Superior Disease Protection for Pulse Crops

Vertisan® fungicide for managing ascochyta blight and grey mould in pulse crops, including chickpeas, field peas and lentils.

DuPont™ Vertisan® fungicide is a new and welcome option for managing ascochyta blight (including Group 11-resistant biotypes) and grey mould (botrytis) in pulse crops, including chickpeas, field peas and lentils.

Vertisan® is the next-generation SDHI Group 7 fungicide that stops disease in its tracks with multiple modes of powerful action. It delivers translaminar movement, meaning it moves across the leaf, and locally systemic movement, meaning it moves through the leaf.

The unique, highly potent active ingredient of Vertisan®, penthiopyrad, locks tightly at the site of disease action with preventative and residual action. Vertisan® protects the entire plant, safeguarding your pulse crops straight through to harvest.

For chickpeas, field peas and lentils, application of Vertisan® should begin before the development of disease. Continue with Vertisan® on a 7- to 14-day interval, using a higher rate and a shorter interval when disease pressure is high.

In chickpeas, start applying 0.4L/acre to 0.7L/acre of Vertisan® at 7th to 10th node stage. A Group 7 fungicide, Vertisan® should be applied as part of an integrated preventative fungicide program with other fungicide
groups (3, 11, M).  

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