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Assure® II Herbicide

DuPont™ Assure® II herbicide controls a wide range of volunteer and grassy weeds in pulse, oilseed and soybean crops.  

Dependable grass control.  Assure® II offers a wide window of application on weeds such as foxtail barley , green foxtail, yellow foxtail, volunteer barley, volunteer corn, volunteer oats, volunteer wheat, wild oats, barnyard grass, fall panicum, old witchgrass, proso millet and quackgrass.  The label will help you decide on the appropriate rate and timing for your target weeds.

Control volunteer corn in soybeans.  In Eastern Canada, Assure® II offers superior control of volunteer corn control (including glyphosate-tolerant corn) in soybeans, alfalfa, lima beans, adzuki beans, mung beans, canola, dry common beans, flax, sugarbeets, snap beans, rutabagas and industrial hemp.

Now registered on foxtail barley. In the Prairie provinces, look to Assure® II for exceptional effectiveness on these same weeds in canola, chickpeas, lentils, peas (field and processing), soybeans, creeping red fescue for seed production, dry common beans, flax, industrial hemp (fibre production only), seed alfalfa, seedling legumes (seed production), camelina, snap beans and sugar beets.

foxtail barley

Gain Control of Foxtail Barley


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