Out-of-Crop Weed Control

Effectively Managing Weed Competition Can Have an Impact on Crop Profitability

DuPont has taken a leadership position in out-of-crop weed control by providing good information along with highly effective pre-seed, chem-fallow and post-harvest products.

Growers who want an agronomic edge the following growing season depend on out-of-crop herbicides to reduce weed populations before the next crop goes in.

The crop may be safely in the bin, but back in your field, weeds keep right on growing. It’s also a great way to spread out your workload.

There are certain weeds, like narrow-leaved hawk’s-beard or dandelion, that are best controlled in the fall or spring.

The success of an out-of-crop weed control program depends on many agronomic factors. Beyond the reliability of our products, DuPont places the highest value on having knowledgeable people in the field to offer you support and advice.

We invite you to review the materials linked to this page. You’ll find valuable insights into today’s best practices for out-of-crop weed control.



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