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Express® Herbicides Takes Chemfallow Beyond Glyphosate Alone

Get More From Your Chemfallow

Over the last two decades, prairie farmers have been rethinking the purpose and management of summerfallow.

Acres held out of crop have steadily declined for more than 20 years.  Meanwhile, growers have reconsidered how they control weeds in a fallow year. Chemfallow has assumed a far greater importance in growers’ agronomic priorities.

In terms of herbicide selection, the choice has been complicated by limitations or issues associated with the standby product glyphosate. Many broadleaf weeds aren’t controlled particularly well by glyphosate alone, and growers want to build a strong defense against glyphosate-resistant weeds.

The timing of chemfallow application is another complicating factor. In many areas in 2010 and 2011, growers were unable to make a timely application and weed growth became extremely problematic.

Add-in to Glyphosate Now Essential

Research and grower experience confirm the importance of adding another herbicide mode of action to glyphosate in a chemfallow application.

An add-in contributes extra weed control activity, achieving better overall control than glyphosate can alone. Given the cost of making the application, optimizing weed control results in this manner is essential.

In terms of weed resistance, overuse of glyphosate has been identified as a problem. Adding a second, third or even fourth mode of action to glyphosate (a Group 9 product) will greatly reduce the likelihood of the long-term buildup of resistant weed biotypes.

DuPont Herbicides for Chemfallow

DuPont offers several ways to control weeds in a fallow year, while managing the threat of weed resistance.

DuPont™ Express® brand herbicides get right to the root of your toughest weed challenges, controlling weeds so completely that they can’t grow back. Group 2 Express® is a powerful, smart addition to Group 9 glyphosate.

Watch this video to see Express® in action!

Add Express® SG to glyphosate for contact and systemic activity for enhanced control of hard-to-kill broadleaf weeds like dandelion, narrow-leaved hawk’s-beard, flixweed, stinkweed and wild buckwheat.

Express® PRO takes the powerful action of Express® SG and extends it for up to 15 more days1. That means longer-lasting control of dandelion, volunteer canola (including glyphosate-tolerant), narrow-leaved hawk’s-beard, cleavers and many more.

1Degree and duration of extended control is dependent on weed infestation levels and on environmental conditions at and following application. Express® PRO contains metsulfuron methyl which should only be used on a field once per year. Will not provide extended control of Clearfield® canola.

DuPont™ PrecisionPac® DB-858 herbicide, tank-mixed with 2,4-D Ester, gives you cost-effective control of a broad spectrum of weeds including Group 2-resistant kochia, flixweed and stinkweed.

How can PrecisionPac® DB-858 help your business? Carlyle, Sask. crop protection retailer Dan Reaves explains how it helps his:

“In 2011 we were hit with really wet conditions and almost nothing could get seeded. We saw weeds grow and mature as high as our belt buckles. As a retailer we were faced with a challenge of how best to assist our customers in controlling these weeds. DuPont™ PrecisionPac® DB-858 gave us the product performance to build our reputation and deliver on one of our three corporate pillars which is to “sell dead weeds”!

Griffin, Sask. producer Jerry van Staveren faced the same situation that year and used the same agronomic tool to overcome it:

“Due to very wet conditions in the spring of 2011, we did not get into the field until mid-July. This meant big weeds, so we needed a good product to control them. We applied 858 with a tank mix of Roundup® and 2,4-D. The product tank-mixed very well and killed large weeds for a substantial length of time.”

DuPont™ Triton® K herbicide delivers exceptional broadleaf control in a chemfallow applications, knocking out kochia (including Group 2-resistant biotypes), flixweed, narrow-leaved hawk’s-beard, volunteer canola, Russian thistle and more than 20 other broadleaf weeds.

A Closer Look at Express®

Express® brand herbicides are applied with glyphosate more than any other product in Western Canada. It’s easy to see why. Express® excels at controlling the tough broadleaf weeds that glyphosate tends to miss. As a Group 2 product, it’s a sensible add-in with Group 9 glyphosate as a means to manage the threat of weed resistance.

Performance plus resistance management makes Express® the ideal tank-mix partner for glyphosate in a chemfallow operation. 

Slide Show: DuPont Chemfallow Products

These images show the impact of applying DuPont chemfallow products to key target weeds in non-crop situations.  

Express® SG Herbicide Additional Information

For narrow-leaved hawk’s beard and dandelion control. A comparison with a check field.

Express® PRO Herbicide Additional Information

For dandelion control. A comparison after 20 days.

Triton® K Herbicide Additional Information

For volunteer canola control. A comparison with untreated field.

Express® PRO Herbicide Additional Information

For wild buckwheat control. A comparison with a competitor.

Express® PRO Herbicide Additional Information

For wild buckwheat control. A comparison with a competitor.

Express® PRO Herbicide Additional Information

For night-flowering catchfly control. A comparison with a control and check field.

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