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Polaris™ Brand Glyphosate

Polaris™ brand glyphosate is your ideal choice for all glyphosate use patterns, including burndown, pre- and post-harvest applications and in-crop in glyphosate-tolerant crops.

Made in North America under the high quality standards you expect from DuPont, competitively priced Polaris™ brand glyphosate is the perfect way to round out your purchases from the DuPont portfolio.

It’s also an excellent partner to many DuPont herbicides such as Express® SG, Express® PRO, Battalion® and Classic® and is the glyphosate included in such trusted products as Guardian®, Guardian® Plus and Galaxy® II.

Polaris® brand glyphosate is available in a 10 L jug, 450 L tote and 1,000 L tote.

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