How Lumiderm® Keeps Cutworms Away From Your Canola

How Lumiderm™ Keeps Cutworms Away From Your Canola

Even in a busy farming season, you have to sleep sometime.  The trouble is, while you’re not looking, cutworms may be chewing down the yield potential of your canola.  This economically damaging pest feeds at night and hides underground during the day.

Your canola needs defending around the clock.  That’s why so many growers insist on having their insect protection right on the seed.

Which to choose?  New Lumiderm® is the first-ever canola seed treatment that controls cutworms and provides improved consistency of flea beetle control across a broad range of environmental conditions.  Lumiderm® contains the new active ingredient cyantraniliprole.  It’s a Group 28 insecticide, a new class of chemistry that delivers excellent seed safety and fits well with IPM programs.

Lumiderm® VS  Standard Seed Treatment: The Facts

Same fields.  Same equipment.  Same canola hybrids and lot numbers of seed.   In a series of head-to-head trials held in 2013, the only difference was the seed treatment:  new Lumiderm™ or the standard seed treatment alone.  We asked agronomists to run the show and tell us what they saw.  Here are their insights relating to control of cutworms.

“The section treated with Lumiderm® seed treatment visually had less damage, with more feeding occurring in the section treated with the standard treatment.  If growers are concerned with potential cutworm activity in their canola fields, they should consider Lumiderm® seed treatment.  Not only does it reduce cutworm feeding at an early stage, it also has the potential for a reduction of an insecticide application.”

Brett Jans, Agronomist
Edberg Crop Management
Edberg, Alta.

“The Lumiderm® - treated crop was a much healthier stand compared to the check that didn’t get the Lumiderm®.  It was at least a half-leaf to a full-leaf stage ahead.  We walked to the middle of the crop and there was relatively no cutworm or flea beetle damage, compared to the check.  We only found the odd cutworm.  They might take a nibble, but they were not actively feeding.  They just weren’t that interested in the plant.”

Lisa Anderson, Agronomist
LAND Seed & Agro Services
Minburn, Alta.

“We saw some cutworm damage on seedlings toward the west end of the site.  Cutworm moths lay eggs in the field, overwinter as larvae and when they come out in the spring, they’re hungry.  We saw some larvae that started to feed on the canola.  We saw there was more damage on the non-Lumiderm® side.  The Lumiderm® side had less damage.”

Barry Gibbs, Agronomist
Okotoks, Alta.

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