Lumiderm®: Powerful Protection Against Flea Beetles in Canola

Flea Beetles in Canola | Lumiderm™

Timing is everything when it comes to protecting your canola against flea beetles.  One day, the crop looks perfect.  Two days later, it’s under attack and losing yield potential quickly.  Canola growers know they can’t take a chance on getting an in-crop insecticide application completed.  They want their flea beetle protection on the seed.

New Lumiderm® is the first-ever canola seed treatment that controls cutworms and provides improved consistency of flea beetle control across a broad range of environmental conditions.

Lumiderm® on trial:  agronomists judge the performance

In 2013, agronomists across the canola-growing region ran head-to-head trials comparing canola seed treated with Lumiderm® with canola seed treated with a standard seed treatment. In many locations, flea beetles were a key insect threat.  Here’s how Lumiderm® performed.

“In the Lumiderm®- treated areas, we saw reduced signs of feeding damage, higher plant stands and greater plant vigor.  What that means is that we won’t have to overspray for flea beetle control.”

Barry Friesen, Agronomist
Delta Ag Services
Portage la Prairie, Man.

“The flea beetle damage was significantly less on the Lumiderm® site.  I couldn’t believe the difference.  We’re getting more striped flea beetles here, which eats earlier in the season, compared to the crucifer flea beetles, so the protection was there at the right time.”

Colette Thurston, Agronomist
Wainwright, Alta.

“We noticed a difference on the Lumiderm®- treated side.  On the check area, a lot of the flea beetles had chewed the edge of the leaf and through the leaf.  On the Lumiderm® side, there was definitely less damage.  There were marks on the leaves but not holes.  That makes sense because they have to eat a bit of the leaf to pick up the Lumiderm™.”

Barry Gibbs, Agronomist
Okotoks, Alta.

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