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Vertisan® Fungicide: A Higher Standard of Canola Protection

Vertisan® Sclerotinia Protection

Canola growers are vigilant about protecting their crops from threats to yield and quality. Sclerotinia ranks high on the list, and that’s why growers have embraced DuPont™ Vertisan® fungicide.

Vertisan® is the next-generation SDHI Group 7 fungicide that stops disease in its tracks with multiple modes of powerful action. It delivers translaminar movement, meaning it moves across the leaf, and locally systemic movement, meaning it moves through the leaf.

In canola, Vertisan® provides superior action against sclerotinia throughout the entire plant, including leaves and stems, protecting your canola straight through to harvest.

The unique, highly potent active ingredient of Vertisan®, penthiopyrad, locks tightly at the site of disease action. With preventative and residual action, Vertisan® has been shown by research to be the most powerful and effective product on sclerotinia, period.

Time your Vertisan® application to coincide with the emergence of the maximum number of flower petals. Apply Vertisan® at 0.5L/acre to canola at 20% to 50% bloom (20% to 30% is ideal), before disease is evident. If a second fungicide application is needed, switch to a different fungicide such as Group 3.

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