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Vertisan® Fungicide Protects Canola Yield From Sclerotinia

Scleortinia robs canola yield

Sclerotinia stem rot is a serious disease problem in canola as growers know all too well, once you have sclerotinia, it’s extremely difficult to get rid of it. To protect the quality and yield potential of your crop, it’s imperative to deal with this disease before it gains a foothold.

Why is sclerotinia such a tough customer? For starters, the sclerotinia fungus produces literally billions of tiny black seeds. When a crop is harvested, those seeds over-winter in the soil. The next year, just as your canola begins to flower, the germination of sclerotinia occurs.

Moved around by air currents, sclerotinia spores land on the blooms of the canola plant and begin to feed on them. Then, they drop down into the crop canopy.  From there, the spores infect the stem of the plant. This is when you start to see big brown lesions at the base of the plant. Such damage is typical of sclerotinia stem rot.

The canopy provides a moist environment, as well as shielding the spores from a fungicide application. At this point, if the disease isn’t controlled, it could take your entire yield and profit.

New fungicide protects canola from disease

That’s why growers count on DuPont™ Vertisan® fungicide. Vertisan® is a new, highly potent fungicide that controls sclerotinia stem rot in canola. It features a highly effective compound called penthiopyrad that delivers preventive, residual and post-infection activity. It also has the ability to move into the plant and travel across the leaf surface in search of disease.

Vertisan® is a powerful step forward in the management of sclerotinia stem rot in canola, helping you achieve better disease control and higher yields.

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