Better Start. Better Harvest. See Some Success Stories.

DuPont™ Lumiderm® Grower Testimonials – Lumi-Watch

Better Start. Better Harvest. DuPont™ Lumiderm® grower testimonials – Lumi-Watch.

Welcome to the DuPont™ Lumiderm® testimonial webpage that showcases winners across Western Canada from our Lumi-Watch contest. Growers just like you were so impressed with Lumiderm® on their 2014 canola seed,  that they did their own side-by-side comparisons and submitted their results with a testimonial and photo of the performance of Lumiderm® on their field on our Lumi-Watch webpage.

Take a few minutes and explore their Lumi-Watch success stories and learn how Lumiderm® can help you realize a better start. A better start means a better harvest.