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Muster® Herbicide

Broadleaf Weed Control in Canola, Brown Mustard, Oriental Mustard and Sunflowers

For effective broadleaf weed control in canola, brown mustard, Oriental mustard and sunflowers (from 1-leaf to 8-leaf stage), the solution is DuPont™ Muster® herbicide.

In canola, tank-mix with Assure® II at 0.15 L/ac to 0.2 L/ac, at the 2-leaf stage of canola up to the initiation of bolting, for one-pass grass and broadleaf control.

Muster® controls the following broadleaf weeds: flixweed (spring seedlings), hemp-nettle, stinkweed1 (1-4 leaf), redroot pigweed2, smartweed (lady’s-thumb), and wild mustard.

1 Controlled at high rate of Muster® – 12 g/ac or 8 g/ac when tank-mixed with Assure® II.
2 Suppressed at high rate of Muster® – 12 g/ac.

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