The Next Big Leap In Early Season Canola Protection

The Next Big Leap In Early Season Canola Protection

Lumiderm® is the first seed-applied product that controls cutworm and provides better consistency of flea beetle control across a broad range of environmental conditions. With its powerful residual control, it’s the next BIG LEAP in early season crop protection that you’ll want on your canola seed to get your seedlings off to a strong start throughout the early critical stages of seedling growth.

Cutworms can be a significant pest of agricultural crops in Western Canada that can wipe out huge patches of your canola within a couple of days. They usually feed at night and then go underground during the day, making them very difficult to scout. Cutworm damage will often appear in patches and can cause severe damage before you are even aware they are actively feeding on your canola crop. They feed anywhere on the canola plant and can consume the entire plant.

In this video, you will see the strong performance of Lumiderm® under extreme cutworm pressure and the benefits of adding Lumiderm™ insecticide seed treatment to your canola seed. With Lumiderm®, growers can expect up to 35 days protection from cutworm – which will carry the crop through the critical stages of seedling growth. And, as every grower knows, a better start brings a better harvest.  

Aerial imagery analysis in this video was completed by Point Forward Solutions Inc. and JZAerial.

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