Lumiderm® Insecticide Seed Treatment for Flea Beetle Control

Lumiderm® is the first seed-applied product that controls cutworm and provides better consistency of flea beetle control across a broad range of environmental conditions. With its powerful residual control, it’s the next BIG LEAP in early season crop protection that you’ll want on your canola seed to get your seedlings off to a strong start throughout the early critical stages of seedling growth.

Flea beetles are small, leaf-feeding insects with greatly enlarged hind femurs and a habit of jumping when disturbed, which makes them difficult to see and even more difficult to scout. They are the most chronically damaging insect pest of canola in Western Canada. Direct losses to oilseed production average 8-10% of the annual crop yield, and in outbreak years flea beetles can cause hundreds of millions of dollars in damages.

In this video, you will see the benefits of adding Lumiderm® insecticide seed treatment to your canola seed for more consistent, longer-lasting flea beetle control, enhanced early season stand establishment and improved vigour, setting you up for a successful harvest.

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