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Vegetable Protection

At DuPont We Know How Important it is to Protect Your Valuable Vegetable Crops

You can count on DuPont for a complete line of herbicides, fungicides and insecticides for potatoes, tomatoes, peppers, carrots, ginseng, onions and many other vegetable crops.

Today’s vegetable growers face a constantly evolving spectrum of biologically dynamic pests. To keep you ahead of the curve, DuPont is deeply committed to a culture of innovation. Global collaboration today is yielding big ideas for the vegetable protection of tomorrow.

One great example is DuPont™ Vertisan®, our next-generation fungicide that has been registered for use in potatoes, among other crops. DuPont™ Fontelis®, is an equally advanced fungicide for use in a variety of vegetable and fruit crops. Another product in the DuPont vegetable protection pipeline is an innovative anthranilic diamide insecticide for control of sucking and chewing pests in a broad range of crops, including potatoes.

As important as the reliability of our products is the way we do business. DuPont places the highest value on excellent customer service and having knowledgeable people in the field to offer you support and advice.

Whatever vegetable crops you grow today, or might grow in the future, DuPont wants to earn your business. We invite you to spend some time learning more about our complete lineup of vegetable protection products.

Managing Alternaria in Vegetables

Under the right conditions, alternaria can pose a significant threat in many bulb, brassica, cucurbit and fruiting vegetables. DuPont™ Fontelis® Fungicide is a new and advanced solution for managing this challenging disease.


  • Titus™ PRO herbicide is a potato herbicide that provides powerful weed control for potatoes and field tomatoes.

    Titus™ PRO Herbicide

  • Coragen® Insecticide

  • Fontelis® Fungicide

  • Curzate® Fungicide

  • Tanos® Fungicide

  • Prism® SG Herbicide

  • Pinnacle® SG Herbicide

  • Vydate® Insecticide

    Vydate® insecticide, a Group 1A (carbamate) product, effectively controls various insect pests -- including Colorado potato beetle and nematodes – in non-bearing apple trees, potatoes and raspberries.

  • Lannate® insecticide

    DuPont™ Lannate® insecticide gives fast-acting control of adults, nymphs, larvae and eggs of many pest species – including aphids, cabbage looper, European corn borer, several species of armyworm and many others – in crops such as apples, canola, cereals, potatoes, sweet corn and tomatoes.

  • UpBeet® Herbicide

    DuPont™ UpBeet® herbicide is a trusted part of many sugar beet growers’ weed control arsenals. UpBeet® controls velvetleaf and, when tank-mixed with Betamix®, also controls green foxtail, kochia, lamb’s-quarters and redroot pigweed.

  • Pinnacle® Herbicide

    Pinnacle® herbicide controls select broadleaf weeds in soybeans and field tomatoes. Controls redroot pigweed, wild mustard and lady’s-thumb at the low rate as well as lamb’s-quarters and velvetleaf at the high rate.


The information provided on this website is for reference only. Always refer to the product labels for complete details and directions for use.