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Coragen®: Ideal For Any IPM Toolkit

Leading Canadian growers consider integrated pest management (IPM) a must for sustainable and efficient production. A solid IPM approach delivers what every grower wants: minimum inputs producing maximum yield. When it comes to complementing IPM strategies, DuPont™ Coragen® insecticide fits the bill.

Allows Beneficials to Thrive

A key element of IPM is differentiating between pests and beneficial insects, then using identification, monitoring and targeted spraying techniques to control pests.

By protecting beneficial species like parasitoids and predators, producers can access natural control of crop-destroying insects. Insecticides that cause a minimal impact on beneficial insects are a must-have in any successful IPM program.

Extensive multi-year laboratory and greenhouse studies conducted by Dr. Cynthia Scott-Dupree at the University of Guelph show that DuPont™ Coragen® has a negligible impact on beneficial species, at field-use rates.

In addition, Coragen® has been classified by the PMRA as a Reduced Risk pesticide, which by definition indicates that it has reduced risks to human health and the environment when used according to label directions.

Resistance Management

Repeated use of the same products can cause resistance. Because Coragen® belongs to a new chemical class and has a different mode of action from other crop protection products, it offers increased protection from resistance. Its active ingredient, DuPont™ Rynaxypyr®, is an Anthranilic diamide and comes from a whole new class of chemistry – Group 28. Coragen® even protects against biotypes that are resistant to pyrethroid and carbamate insecticides. In fact, no cross-resistance exists between Coragen® and any other insecticide class.

Even Resistant Colorado Potato Beetle Biotypes Don’t Stand a Chance

Coragen® is an important part of your IPM program for control of Colorado potato beetle. To ensure you obtain the best control with Coragen® or any CPB foliar insecticide, scout your fields regularly to monitor plant growth and CPB populations.  

Real Protection

For IPM strategies to work, growers have to be able to count on the products they’re using for fast, effective control on the first spray. Coragen® delivers reliable and consistent protection against major worm species including European corn borer and corn earworm. Its efficacy at multiple stages of the life cycle means more flexibility in timing application.

How to Apply

Time the applications to coincide with peak egg hatch. Scout by monitoring egg laying and egg hatch to determine application timing. Thorough coverage is essential for optimum protection.

The information provided on this website is for reference only. Always refer to the product labels for complete details and directions for use.