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Altacor® & Coragen® Now Registered for Use on More Crops

Both insecticides are powered by DuPont™ Rynaxypyr® and provide highly effective control of target pests at low use rates.

Mississauga, Ontario – March 10, 2011 – DuPont has received expanded registrations for its Altacor® and Coragen® insect control products that will enable Canadian growers to use these innovative products to protect the quality of more new crops with longer lasting, broader spectrum control of key pests.

Both insect control products are powered by Rynaxypyr®, a new chemistry from a new class of chemistry – Group 28, the Anthranilic diamides, which makes both products important resistance management tools in integrated pest management (IPM) systems.

“Resistance to existing chemistries in various crops is a concern because of the multiple generations and the insecticide applications needed to keep pests under control,” says Jim Irish, specialty products manager for DuPont. “Both Altacor® and Coragen® provide new and effective options to control economically significant pests and are effective at multiple stages of the life cycle.”

The expanded Altacor® label will give Canada tree nut and berry growers new options for pest control and resistance management. Tree nut growers will be able to use Altacor® to protect their crop from codling moth, oblique-banded leafroller and three-lined leafroller. Berry producers will be able to use Altacor® for control of raspberry cane borer and raspberry crown borer in caneberries.

Coragen®, which is already used by potato, brassica vegetable, fruiting vegetable and leafy vegetable producers, is now available for use on a wide range of vegetable crops including sweet, field and seed corn, tuberous and corm vegetables, cucurbit vegetables and alfalfa.

For a complete list of crops and pests, see the Altacor® and Coragen® labels at www.dupont.ca/ag.

Altacor® and Coragen® provide rapid cessation of feeding, residual activity and excellent rainfast properties and deliver long-lasting plant protection.

For more information about Altacor®, Coragen® or any other DuPont product, contact your local DuPont representative, call 1-800-667-3925 or visit the website www.dupont.ca/ag.

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