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Curzate® Fungicide

Effectiveness of Curzate® Fungicide on Late Blight in Potatoes is its Multi-dimensional Activity

DuPont™ Curzate® fungicide delivers preventative, post-infection and antisporulant activity, with unique kick-back action and activity, at the very point of infection.

The locally systemic activity of Curzate® is highly effective.This activity rapidly penetrates the foliage and stem surfaces to provide multi-levels of fast-acting disease control. Always apply post-infection, not post-symptom, and always tank-mix with Manzate® Pro-Stick™ to control early blight.

Apply Curzate®, a Group 27 herbicide, at 90 g/ac (225 g/ha) with 0.64 kg/ac (1.6 kg/ha) of Manzate® Pro-Stick™ fungicide. Start applications at 95% emergence or when local conditions indicate that Late blight is imminent. Do not use Curzate® alone. Make additional applications at 5 to 7 day intervals. PHI: 8 days.

Refer to the Curzate® label for complete use instructions.


Manzate® Pro-Stick™ is a registered trademark and trademark of United Phosphorus Inc.

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