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Kocide® 2000 Fungicide

DuPont™ Kocide® 2000, a Group M copper fungicide, puts more disease-fighting copper to work in beans, peppers, tomatoes and potatoes.

Having more biologically active copper significantly enhances the disease control provided by Kocide® 2000.

The product’s free-flowing granules provide excellent dispersion and suspension characteristics.

In beans (dry edible and succulent), Kocide® 2000 can be used as a seed treatment to control bacterial brown spot, common blight and halo blight and as a foliar treatment to control common blight and halo blight.

Kocide® 2000 controls bacterial spot in peppers, greenhouse peppers and tomato seedlings for transplant and early blight and septoria leaf spot in tomatoes.

In potatoes, Kocide® 2000 controls early blight and late blight. 

One (1) bag contains 10 kg of product. Please refer to the product label for important rate and application information for each use pattern.

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