Lannate® Insecticide

Fast-acting Control of Adults, Nymphs, Larvae and Eggs of Many Pest Species

DuPont™ Lannate®, a group 1A (carbamate) insecticide is registered for use on 18 different crops, including the following:

Apples: Controls apple aphids, codling moth, mullein bug, oblique-banded leafroller, spotted tentiform leafminer, white apple leafhopper and winter moth.

Cereals (wheat, oats, barley): Controls common armyworm and thrips.

Peas: Controls alfalfa looper and pea aphid.

Potatoes: Controls aphids, flea beetles, leafhoppers and variegated cutworm.

Strawberries: Controls slugs (larvae of grey garden slug).

Sweet corn: Controls aphids, corn earworm and European corn borer.

Tomatoes: Controls aphids, tomato fruit worm and variegated cutworm.

Canola: Controls bertha armyworm, alfalfa looper, beet webworm and clover cutworm.

One (1) case of Lannate® insecticide contains 5.4 kg of product packaged in convenient water-soluble, pre-measured Toss-N-Go® bags (225 g/bag x 24 bags).

Please refer to the Lannate® product label for complete information on all registered crops, all pest species controlled, application rates, agronomic information and pre-harvest interval.

Product Information

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