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Tanos® Fungicide

Highly Effective Two-way Approach to Control Both Early and Late Blight

DuPont™ Tanos®, a dry-flowable fungicide, rapidly penetrates leaf surfaces to provide both post-infection and locally systemic control of late blight.

A portion of the Tanos® application also remains on the leaf surface and within the waxy cuticle, making it resistant to wash-off and providing excellent control of early blight.

In potatoes and field tomatoes, Tanos® controls early blight and late blight. It controls downy mildew in cucumber and caneberry anthracnose, caneberry spur blight, cane botrytis and preharvest fruit rot in caneberries (including blackberry; raspberry, red and black; wild raspberry; loganberry; cultivars and hybrids of these).

Apply Tanos® in a preventative program in potatoes and tomatoes. Applications may be made on a seven (7) day interval. Make the first application of Tanos® following 1 to 2 applications of a preventative broad-spectrum fungicide such as Manzate® Pro-Stick™. Make no more than six (6) applications per year.

Tanos® combines Group 11 and Group 27 fungicides, making it an effective tool for resistance management.

One (1) jug contains 3.4 kg of product. Please refer to the Tanos® label for complete information.


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