Titus™ PRO Herbicide

A Potato and Tomato Herbicide for the Straightest Path to a Cleaner Field

DuPont Titus™ PRO is a potato and tomato herbicide. It is a co-pack of Prism® SG (rimsulfuron) and metribuzin 75% DF. Titus™ PRO provides exceptional post-emergent control of key grass and broadleaf weeds in potatoes in Western Canada and field tomatoes in Eastern Canada.

Weeds Controlled by Titus™ PRO

DuPont™ Titus™ PRO herbicide is a herbicide that provides powerful weed control for potatoes and field tomatoes.

This herbicide makes effective weed control simple and smart resistance management easy and convenient.

Powerful season-long weed control

Titus™ PRO takes the benefits of Prism® SG and goes well beyond. Adding metribuzin (TriCor 75 DF) to Prism® SG unleashes enhanced residual control of an even wider range of broadleaf weeds.

An effective approach to weed resistance

With Group 2 and Group 5 modes-of-action in one convenient co-pack, Titus™ PRO makes resistance management simple and effective for growers.

Easy, convenient handling and application

Titus™ PRO comes in a convenient, easy-to-use 40-acre case that contains two, 480 g jugs of Prism® SG herbicide and two, 3 kg jugs of a metribuzin 75% DF.

Application guidelines

For potatoes. Apply as an early post-emergent herbicide. Spray before broadleaf weeds are 4 cm high and when annual grasses are 1 to 6 leaf stage (up to early tillering – two 2-leaf tillers). Do not use on Belleisle or Tobique varieties at any application timing. Do not use post-emergence on Atlantic, Eramosa, red-skinned or any early-maturing varieties.

For tomatoes (Eastern Canada only). Apply on transplanted tomatoes grown for processing only. Apply specified dosage in 150 L to 300 L of water per hectare, depending on equipment and local practices.



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