Vydate® Insecticide

Controls Various Insect Pests in Non-bearing Apple Trees, Potatoes & Raspberries

DuPont™ Vydate® insecticide, a Group 1A (carbamate) product, effectively controls various insect pests in non-bearing apple trees, potatoes and raspberries.

In non-bearing apple trees (that is, trees that will not bear fruit within 12 months of application), Vydate® controls root-lesion nematodes, apple rust mites, European red mites, green apple aphid, leafhoppers, leafrollers, rosy apple aphid, tarnished plant bug, tentiform leafminers and two spotted spider mites.

In potatoes, Vydate® controls aphids (green peach, potato), flea beetles, potato leafhopper, tarnished plant bug and Colorado potato beetle. Note: Colorado potato beetles resistant to carbamates will not be controlled.

In raspberries, Vydate® suppresses raspberry root-lesion nematode.

One (1) jug of Vydate® contains 10 L of product. Please refer to the Vydate® product label for application rates, application information and pre-harvest intervals.

Product Information

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