DuPont™ Nomex® 910 takes on high overloading challenge

During the Chinese tradition holiday - the Spring Festival - power consumption in rural areas increases dramatically to over 130-140% of designed transformer capacity. The same occurs during the seeding and harvest season, resulting in overload, power failure, and urgent rushes for repair… To change this situation, the State Power Grid issued the Technical Guidelines on High Overloaded Power Distribution Transformers in Rural Area in June 2014.

Seeing a need, DuPont launched Nomex® 910, a new product specifically designed for oil-immersed transformers. Nomex® 910 has excellent mechanical properties, stable high-temperature and electrical performance, and provides more design flexibility for transformer manufacturers resulting in a cost effective solution. Nomex® 910 opens a new era for 130° C grade insulation for oil-immersed transformers and enables transformers to have higher overload capability. In short, Nomex® 910 improves transformer performance, provides longer life span, and delivers higher reliability.