Kevlar® Dare Bigger™ Moments: Fight the Kraken

Kevlar® Dare Bigger™ Moments

In June of 2016, my rowing partner and best friend, Megan Biging, and I will be attempting to do something that has never been done by two women: row across the Pacific Ocean from Monterey, CA to Honolulu, HI. The nearly 3,000 mile trip take approximately two months to complete and will be done entirely unassisted; no stops, no food drops, no sails, no motor, just muscle. We will carry everything we need to survive at sea with us. All in an effort to show what a few people can do: see exactly how much the human spirit can be pushed. 


An expedition such as this takes a massive amount of preparation. By the time we get to the starting line in Monterey we will have spent nearly two years eating, sleeping, training, prepping, and living this race. As the voyage will be entirely unsupported, meaning no stops, no food drops, we must have all the items we need to survive for three months at sea. This includes over two million calories worth of food, water desalinators, medical equipment, life raft, survival gear, radios, GPS, charts, backups for EVERYTHING, and of course LOTS of books on tape. All of which will be moved by our muscle, stroke by stroke, day in and day out, across an ocean. Even with the absolute bare necessities for survival, our supplies alone will weigh nearly two tons. With our supply load being non-negotiable, the only place we can save weight is with the boat itself, meaning we needed it to be made from the lightest, sturdiest, and most reliable material available. Naturally, DuPont™ Kevlar® was our first choice, being stronger than steel by weight and weighing a fraction of the plywood from which most ocean rowing boats are currently made. We knew with a Kevlar® hull, we would not only save hundreds of pounds in weight that our legs would have had to haul otherwise, but we would also now have a distinct edge over our competition. 

DuPont™ Kevlar® has changed our lives by not only giving us the material we need to complete our voyage as fast as possible, but more importantly, as safely as possible. When you are in the middle of the ocean, 1000 miles from the nearest land, on top of an 80 foot wave in pitch black darkness, the last thing you need to be worrying about is if the construction of the boat is sound.

Thank you DuPont for creating the material that is helping us make our dreams reality.

"It's not that some can and most can't, it's that some will and most won't."

Michael Mills, president of Jamestown Distributors, had this to say:

"Megan and Vicki's mission is inspiring on so many levels. We are blown away at their dedication and determination, and thrilled to provide the DuPont™ Kevlar® used in the construction of their open ocean rowing boat. Jamestown Distributors strives to be the leading supplier of boat building and repair materials, and we are committed to offering only the best possible products and solutions. We will be following their adventure closely, and are proud to be a part of it."

Jamestown Distributors is an industry leader in marine and building supplies. A family-run business based in Bristol, RI – a town with a rich boat building tradition – Jamestown has been supplying and assisting boaters for over 30 years.

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