Kevlar® Dare Bigger™ Moments: The Big Ride Across America

Kevlar® Dare Bigger™ Moments

For 48 days in 2000, DuPont employee Daniel Edwards participated in a cycling event called the “Big Ride Across America” (Seattle to D.C.).  The ride proceeds benefitted the American Lung Association. Edwards had recently lost his father, while simultaneously his best friend was dying of lung cancer.


As an avid cyclist and DuPont employee, he decided to participate in the “Big Ride” event to raise money for the charity.

“Kevlar® was a huge part of the ride!  Every inch of my cross-country tour was ridden on tires reinforced with Kevlar®!  And, every inch of the ride was without a flat tire,” said Edwards.

Coincidence or great product?  Edwards is convinced that Kevlar® was instrumental in in the success of his ride.

At the time, Specialized Bicycle Components, Inc, had developed a new bicycle tire called “Armadillo” technology, which encased DuPont Kevlar® into the tire. “The tire was just introduced to the market, and I was one of the first and fortunate riders to have the tires on my bike during this event,” Edwards said.

A high-performance bicycle can easily incur flat tires.  It’s very common, since debris is everywhere on the roads and can puncture and create a flat bicycle tire. 

“Out of 200 cyclists participating in the event across the country, I was the ONLY cyclist that made it across America without a single flat tire, front or back wheels!  Three thousand, three hundred thirteen miles without a flat!” Edwards said.  “That is really a remarkable feat considering all the different road conditions these tires rolled over.   For comparative purposes, there were several cyclists that had 15-20 flat tires during the event.”

A flat tire can ruin any bike ride.  An end-of-ride survey indicated that the majority of cyclists had at least 5-8 flats during the event.   Having zero flats for the distance & terrain is exceptional, according to Edwards.

“My flat-less ride across America could not have been completed without Kevlar® in the tires.  What a remarkable product….thanks to Kevlar®.”

--Daniel Edwards, Project Team Leader, Spruance