Kevlar® Cut Technology

Cut Resistant Kevlar® — Because Safety Is No Accident

Most industrial accidents can be avoided, so when workers do get in harm’s way, Kevlar® Cut Protection can make all the difference.

For thousands of workers in the aerospace, electronics, metal fabrication, glass handling and automotive industries, the most crucial thing in the world is safety. Manufacturers’ gloves, sleeves, and garments made with Kevlar® brand fiber helps provide the cut-resistant protection these workers need. These garments are extraordinarily strong, lightweight, and resistant to both cuts and abrasion, helping those who rely on Kevlar® to get through the task at hand. Outside of factories, lumberjacks, builders, and skilled-labor workers make it a practice to use boots and leggings reinforced with Kevlar® to help protect their legs and feet.

Kevlar® Technology platforms include a wide array of patented technology that makes the lightest weight, highest performing gloves possible. 

  •  Kevlar® Ultra - Offers maximum dexterity and cut protection. This cutting edge patented engineered yarns offer the ultimate balance of dexterity and cut protection. Ideal for light and ultra-light weight high performance gloves. 
  • Kevlar® armor technology- Patented engineered yarn technology that offers superior cut protection without compromising comfort. Ideal for mid weight high performance gloves
  • Kevlar® Clean- Cut and heat protection that you expect from Kevlar® with minimum linting. Ideal for industries where maintaining quality, cleanliness, and performance is critical.
  • Kevlar®-The original Gold Standard in Cut Protection. Ideal for all applications that require cut and heat protection. Available in a wide range of product forms.