Mobile Edge Laptop Bags Rise to the Sustainability Challenge


The Customer: Mobile Edge, a company dedicated to creating cutting-edge carrying cases for the mobile lifestyle.

The Challenge: Launch a line of more environmentally friendly Mobile Edge laptop bags that refuse to compromise on performance.

The Solution: The new Mobile Edge Scanfast 2.0 Checkpoint Friendly Laptop Case Collection made with Renewably Sourced™ DuPont™ Sorona®.

Road Warrior Chic

Designed to meet TSA guidelines for breezing past airport check-in security scans, the new Mobile Edge laptop bags also know a thing or two about style. It’s hard to stay gorgeous on the business trip treadmill, but it helps that the new Mobile Edge laptop bags are made with Sorona®. Sorona® has the color fastness, the tenacity and strength to keep Mobile Edge laptop bags looking rested and refreshed, redeye after redeye. It’s disarmingly soft to the touch, yet incredibly durable. And Sorona® has life-long stain resistance engineered directly into the fiber. It’s not sprayed on — so it can never wear off. 

Sustainability? It’s in the Bag

Sorona® contains 37% renewably sourced, plant-based content by weight. That means petrochemical-derived material can now be replaced with renewably-sourced, plant-based content, enabling the creation of Mobile Edge laptop bags with a smaller environmental footprint. Producing Sorona® consumes 30% less non-renewable energy than an equivalent amount of nylon 6, while reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 63%. Sorona® helps Mobile Edge reduce its dependence on oil while building its brand with an innovative, bio-based bag that’s better for the environment. Everyone wins.

Partnering for More Environmentally Responsible Products

At DuPont, we’re proud of our collaborations with forward-looking companies like Mobile Edge because we share the same values: innovation, sustainability and outstanding performance. Building a better Mobile Edge laptop bag is another first in the story of Sorona®. We’re excited to see what the future holds for this remarkably versatile bio-based polymer.

Sorona® contains 37% annually renewable plant based ingredients by weight (28% biobased carbon)