Sorona® Snaps Coat Fabric Into Shape

Sorona® Snaps Out Coat Fabric Wrinkles

Today’s top apparel brands are discovering there’s something very special about DuPont™ Sorona® in coat fabric. Jackets, trench coats and outerwear fashioned from Sorona® lose their wrinkles with one quick snap.

Wrinkle Release with a Flick of the Wrist

Sorona® brings a unique quality called “shape memory” to outerwear and coat fabric. Shape memory means your customer can pull a jacket made with Sorona® out of a tightly packed suitcase and banish the wrinkles with a single swift hand motion — a feature that could help make your brand’s Sorona® garments the outerwear of choice for time-pressed consumers. With Sorona®, one quick flip, and a trenchcoat looks freshly pressed.

Lightweight Insulation

Sorona® is a singularly soft and breathable fiber. And a little goes a long way in terms of warmth retention, making Sorona® a perfect choice for fiber-fill insulation in winter coats. So now, designers can say “begone” to the bulk and create more elegant, lightweight winterwear. And, naturally, Sorona®offers winter coat designers the same unique compression and recovery characteristics.

Renewably Sourced

Sorona® contains 37% renewably sourced plant-based material by weight, giving brands an alternative to fossil fuel-based materials like nylon for outerwear.



Sorona® contains 37% annually renewable plant based ingredients by weight (28% biobased carbon)