Sorona® for Chlorine-Resistant Swimwear

Chlorine-Resistant Swimwear that’s Soft to the Touch

In the water or out, swimwear made with Sorona® stands up to the elements. It makes fabrics UV and chlorine resistant, vibrantly colorful, fast drying and incredibly soft.

DuPont™ Sorona® is a natural choice for chlorine-resistant swimwear. It allows designers to combine all the performance and comfort benefits consumers want with vivid colors and crisp prints for greater design options.

Chlorine and UV Resistance Keeps Swimwear Looking Like New

When exposed to chlorinated water, Sorona® offers excellent color fastness. It also offers superior resistance to fading caused by the sun. Sorona® keeps swimwear looking colorful and bright year round.

Incredible Softness and Fast-Drying Benefits that People Love

Consumers will enjoy wearing their swimwear again and again because fabrics made with Sorona® offer exceptional softness (hand feel) and dry quickly.

Bright Colors and Strong Printability for Stylish Designs

Swimwear designers and manufacturers will appreciate how well Sorona® performs in the world of color. Sorona® dyes easily in rich, vibrant colors at low temperature, which reduces energy consumption. It also results in good color fastness. Fabrics with Sorona® can be created in crisp prints that have strong lines, excellent clarity and sharp definition.

In a Class by Itself

A renewably sourced fiber, Sorona® continues the legacy of DuPont fiber innovation. It combines the superior material performance DuPont is famous for with environmental benefits supported by life-cycle analysis (LCA) versus competitive nylon products. Sorona® is so unique that in 2009, the Federal Trade Commission granted a new generic classification – triexta – for fibers made with Sorona®.

For high-performance, brightly colored chlorine-resistant swimwear, Sorona® is the perfect choice.



Sorona® contains 37% annually renewable plant based ingredients by weight (28% biobased carbon)