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Escort® Herbicide

Exceptional Control of a Variety of Undesirable Plants

DuPont™ Escort® herbicide provides exceptional control of a variety of undesirable plants in several different settings.

Proven performance for vegetation management: In rough turf and non-crop areas, such as utility rights of way, roadsides, industrial sites and fencelines, Escort® controls broadleaf weeds, such as common tansy, scentless chamomile, kochia, sweet clover and Russian thistle. Canada thistle, sow thistle and dandelion are suppressed.

Excellent brush control: In rangeland and non-crop areas, it controls a number of undesirable brush and woody plant species, such as Balsam Poplar, Willow, Cherry and Trembling Aspen.

In pasture and rangeland in the Prairie provinces and British Columbia, Escort® controls Western snowberry and wild rose.

Apply between mid-June and mid-August after the target species have leafed out, but before fall colouration begins.  Cattle may graze the treated areas on the day of treatment.

Refer to the product label for more specific information on rates, plants controlled and registered tank-mixes.

Product Information

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