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Krovar® I DF Herbicide

DuPont™ Krovar® I DF herbicide delivers effective non-selective weed control in vegetation management programs on non-cropland where bare ground is desired.

This includes railways (ballast treatments) and pipeline rights-of-way, lumberyards, storage areas, petroleum tank farms and industrial plant sites.

Broad-spectrum extended weed control: Krovar® I DF contains two active ingredients, bromacil and diuron, for broad-spectrum extended residual control of annual and perennial grasses and most broadleaf weeds. These include crabgrass, foxtail, pigweed, ragweed, quackgrass, wild carrot and dandelion. Its dry-flowable formulation is easy to use, measure and pour. 

Moisture after application improves results: After the application of Krovar® I DF, moisture is necessary to move the active ingredients into the root zone of the weeds.

Product Information

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