Seafood and Meat Packaging

Meat Packaging Seals In Freshness, Prevents Leaks

From fresh meats and seafood to hot dogs and bacon, DuPont packaging materials preserve freshness and enhance appearance.

DuPont works with leading food manufacturers and converters to develop innovative seafood and meat packaging solutions.

DuPont packaging resins are available in a variety of grades and combinations to meet specific needs of different types of meats and seafood products. Our materials can enable easier machinability and help reduce waste and overall costs and while delivering fresh, leak-free, convenient and attractive foods at point of sale.


Leading Brands

Two premier resins for meat packaging include DuPont™ Surlyn® ionomer resin and DuPont™ Appeel® peelable sealant resins which offer superior clarity, consistent seal integrity and superior puncture- and abrasion-resistance.

Crystal-Clear Presentation

Surlyn® resins have excellent optical properties that result in greater package clarity. Ionic bonding within the polymer produces a high-gloss effect and delivers superior film strength, contributing to an overall impression of premium, “heavy-weight” packaging. Good secondary seals and surface adhesion to meats form a second skin around the product, helping to minimize migration of liquids in the packaging for a clean, appetizing presentation.

Leak-Free Durability

Surlyn® and Appeel® can withstand broad heat seal temperature ranges during packing. Sealing at broader temperature ranges, with better seal-through of contaminated areas, helps ensure stronger, more consistent seal integrity on all sides of the package, and avoid the weak seal spots that cause leaks.

Surlyn® also offers excellent toughness as it can stand up to repeated flexing and puncture, helping to ensure meat and seafood products remain intact through production and transportation. And because it can seal through contaminants such as oils, fats, grease, and juice, Surlyn® is ideal for sealing all sorts of meat products.

High Hot Tack Strength

DuPont packaging resins, including DuPont™ Surlyn®, are scientifically engineered to provide increased hot tack strength over a broader range of sealing temperatures. Both factors help to maintain higher packaging line speeds and reduce the number of seal failures and leakers off-machine, throughout distribution, and in-store.

Dependable Seal Integrity

DuPont resins deliver better seal integrity despite the presence of liquids, particles or other materials that might interrupt the sealing surface. Surlyn® draws deeply into the corners of the forming cavity, with less thinning and more resistance to pinholing, and seals tightly to increase product shelf life.

High Speed Sealing

Specially engineered to work with today’s high-speed processing equipment, DuPont packaging resins such as Surlyn® deliver increased productivity with easy formability as well as better abrasion resistance and shrink force. So consumers can continue to bring home the bacon, hot dogs, sausages, meat snacks, and other processed meats.

Reduce Flavor Transfer

Perishable food packaging films using DuPont™ Selar® barrier resins address flavor transfer by creating a unique oxygen barrier when wet or chilled. This barrier helps preserve smell and increases flavor retention, leading to greater consumer satisfaction.

Tighter, Fresher-Looking Packages

Seafood and meat packagers find vacuum-skin secondary sealing with Surlyn® visually and functionally appealing. In secondary sealing, which occurs at low temperatures, the edge-sealed package is passed quickly through a heat tunnel or hot water bath, which seals all the areas of the package where film-to-film contact occurs.

Typical Package Structures

Surlyn® can be combined with all traditional oxygen barrier materials and structural resins such as PVdC, EVOH and nylon, frequently reducing overall packaging costs. Package structures include:

  • Coextruded multilayered film
  • Laminated composites for thermoforming, overwrap and lidding
  • Shrinkable thermoformed bags – good for cook-in ham
  • Preformed pouches – good for processed or submprimal meat
  • Shrink bags and nonshrink bags – good for fresh meats
  • Multi-layer film, formed and non-formed – good for marinated and processed meats
  • Single-layer film, formed and non-formed – good for frozen meat cuts

More Resins, More Expertise, More Innovations

Along with Surlyn®, Appeel®, and Selar®, our portfolio of meat packaging resins includes DuPont™ Nucrel® ethylene acrylic acid copolymer, DuPont™ Bynel® adhesive resin, and DuPont™ Elvax® ethylene vinyl acetate copolymer. Using our application development expertise, we also collaborate on innovative meat packaging structures such as rigid trays with flexible lidding to deliver more convenience to the consumer and help manufacturers and converters improve productivity.