Industrial Packaging Converter Resource List

Depending on your application, Tyvek® may not be available directly from DuPont, but instead from a converter/distributor that can supply material suited to your product or process needs with respect to:

  • Tyvek® style selection 
  • Pretreatment 
  • Coating or lamination 
  • Dimensions and yardage 
  • Configuration (roll or sheet) 
  • Protective packaging 
  • Timely delivery to your site 

To determine how you can buy Tyvek®, select from the Product and Service list below to find the application that is most like your need. You will find application categories and converters/distributors that fit your needs. The best choice for a converter/distributor will vary depending on the application.

DuPont provides this list of converters as a convenience to users. Inclusion in this list does not represent an endorsement by DuPont of the converter and failure to include other converters on the list has no significance, as DuPont does not know the identities of the thousands of converters of its products.